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Canadian Efforts to Help Syrian Refugees Move to Canada Highlighted


Although there is still a flow of uprooted people from Syria, only a handful of states have agreed to this resettlement model in their own country.

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Canadians Are Listed as Some of the Happiest People on Earth


The country of Canada ranked 7th place as having the happiest people out of 155 countries in the world. The only countries that came ahead of Canada in this report are Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, and The Netherlands. The 2017 United Nations World Happiness Report was published in March 2017 with this claim.

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BecomeaCanadian: Canada Wants More Chinese Highly-Skilled Workers

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As the number of highly-skilled workers from China continues to dwindle, the Canadian government hopes to double visa application centers in that country in an attempt to boost the number of international workers in Canada. The Canadian government wants to add more offices where Chinese citizens can apply for Canadian visas. Become a Canadian is …

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BecomeaCanadian: Canada Is Experiencing Excellent Economic Growth Leading to New Jobs

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As of March 2017, Statistics Canada showed that the upward trend in the Canadian economy’s growth is continuing. The Canadian governmental statistics agency released 2017 data indicating that the economy of Canada began with a Gross Domestic Product increase of 2.3%. The last couple months of 2016 showed an excellent rate of growth of 2.6%. …

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What is the Canadian Express Entry Immigration Option?

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In 2015, Canada launched a new immigration system called “Express Entry.” This new system created a quicker and easier way for qualified foreign workers to apply to immigrate to Canada.