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Big Trouble in Canada – Moose Are Licking Cars in Alberta!

Moose Are

A Jasper National Park spokesman has an important message for people: “Do not let moose lick your car!” Alberta’s alpine town has put up signs warning motorists not to allow moose to lick the salt off of their cars, which to the moose is a treat they find hard to resist. 

The spokesman, Steve Young, said the moose are obsessed with any salt, a need they have for minerals. Mostly they get the salt from lakes in the park, but now they know they can get it from the road salt on cars in the park. Jasper National Park is often a place where motorists will park on the side of the road hoping to catch a glimpse of a passing moose, but letting the wild animals near your car can be a serious danger.

Moose Are

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Young commented that cars and moose are not a good mix. If you happen to hit a moose with your vehicle, the legs come out from under it, and there is a good chance it will go through your windshield.

When you allow the moose to lick the salt on your car, they become used to being around cars. This poses a risk to drivers who can crash into the animals. Contact BecomeACanadian and begin the immigration process. You will thrive in this beautiful and welcoming country!



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