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Facts and Figures about Immigration to Canada

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The legislation of the 1960s and 1970s laid the foundation for the current Canadian immigration regime, which emphasizes multiculturalism. In 1967, Ottawa introduced a points-based system to evaluate applicants, after which Canada experienced increased immigration from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and The Caribbean.

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A 1971 policy articulated for the first time the government’s support for cultural diversity, and the 1976 legislation explicitly codified Canada’s commitment to refugees, mandating that federal and provincial officials jointly develop immigration objectives. Additionally, immigration was seen as a tool to achieve the country’s cultural, economic, and social goals.

Immigration has long played a vital role in Canada’s economy, providing a relatively young flow of workers.

Births per woman in Canada
Feel there is too much immigration in Canada
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Immigrants are increasingly important as the native workforce ages and the fertility rate remains low, around 1.3 births per woman, well below the global average of 2.4. However, Canada continues to suffer from a significant shortage of skilled labor across all sectors, although the problem had slightly eased by mid-2023.

How do Canadians view immigration?

Canadian public opinion has been favorable towards immigration for decades, although it has decreased slightly in recent years due to increased migration levels, which raise concerns about affordability and housing.

In a 2023 survey by the Toronto-based Environics Institute, 44% of Canadians felt there was too much immigration in Canada, up from 27% the previous year. However, Canadians still have a more positive view of immigrants and their country’s immigration system than their American counterparts. This is partly due to the Canadian government’s efforts to promote and adopt a multiculturalism policy and make diversity part of the national identity.

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