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Three International Students Discuss Living in Canada

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The beginning of the school year in Canada usually doubles as the beginning of a new life chapter for immigrant students. Immigrant students in Canada are often looking for a career and a new home at this time.

Become A Canadian reports that immigrant students contribute to the intellectual, cultural and economic heritage of the community. With this, the community’s diversity and growth are enhanced.

Recently, the economic development agency Ignite had a summit for past and present immigrant students in Fredericton. The organization is responsible for offering resources to international students who study in a school in Fredericton.

Some of the attendees had some things to say about how schooling in Canada has been.

One of the attendees, Naomi Lopez, says her first few days in Fredericton were challenging. Coming from Honduras, it was a bit difficult getting used to seasons in Canada, reports Become A Canadian.

Lopez, who was initially indecisive about what to do, found help in choosing the right career path from the community of St. Thomas University. Lopez says she hopes that she will be consulting for businesses in the province in the next 5 years.

Andrea Escober relocated to Fredericton in pursuit of contributing to sustainable and economic growth. The Honduran immigrant says studying in Canada serves as a huge opportunity for her to learn more. Become A Canadian reports that Escober having her education in Canada was eye-opening for her.

Silvie Binsai, who arrived in Fredericton in 2020, also narrates her story. She came to Fredericton on a scholarship to have a degree in international relations. She added that her career for human rights was ignited in Fredericton.



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