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Immigration Is Sustaining the Growth of Canada’s Workforce

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Immigration to Canada has accounted for all the growth in the workforce for over a decade, but it still isn’t enough to offset the impact of demographic aging or reduce structural labor market shortages. One of the main reasons is that the skill sets many immigrants bring to Canada and the fields of study of international students do not align with the economy’s long-term structural needs. This influences the prospects of newcomers and, overall, the economy.

Contact Become A Canadian if you want information about immigration and available visas; they will provide you with an assessment of your particular case and the necessary guidance. Currently, the Canadian immigration system is focused on short-term demands of the labor market, filling gaps in sectors where low-skilled occupations have faced acute shortages since the pandemic.

This has led to an increase in non-permanent residents, placing pressure on housing and social services.

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The federal government needs to update immigration policies to focus more on immigration outcomes and long-term structural needs of the labor market, while considering the capacity of infrastructure to accommodate newcomers. Addressing this issue will be crucial for maintaining Canada’s long-term economic prosperity and high quality of life.

The federal government’s push to increase immigration to offset the impact of demographic aging has successfully bolstered the workforce in the short term. The Canadian population grew by 3.3% in the 12 months leading up to July 2023, the highest rate in over six decades.

The increase was driven almost entirely by immigration, as the federal government raised immigration targets for permanent residents. Foreign workers are contributing to Canada’s economic strength. If you are well-qualified in a high-demand job, contact Become A Canadian for immigration guidance.



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