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Canadian Immigration Levels to Remain High on Prince Edward Island

A recent report shows that in the past two years, Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) was the fastest growing province in Canada. The report by Statistics Canada stated the population on the island increased 4.27 percent in the two years from July 2016 to July 2018. The closest growth to P.E.I.

was Ontario with 3.22 percent increase over the same two years. BecomeACanadian can walk you through the immigration process by looking at your best option for a permanent residency visa to Canada. The high standard of living, excellent employment opportunities, and being able to sponsor eligible family members are just a few reasons to consider relocating to Canada.

In the past year, P.E.I. saw 1.78 percent growth, while Ontario saw 1.79 percent growth. Over the past three years, net international migration has increased to the greatest level since 2010. Very few Islanders emigrate, less than 150 per year, so the highest component of net international migration is immigrants. P.E.I. welcomes around 1,000 newcomers every year.

A vast majority of the future population growth on the Island will come from Canadian immigration. The province encourages immigration with the Provincial Nominee Program, which selects immigrants that want to settle there and allows them to come to Canada sooner. Several community agencies offer settlement services focused on language training, welcoming communities, and employment programs.  BecomeACanadian has a simple Five Stage Procedure to make it easy to explore your immigration options. Contact them today to answer any questions you may have about the process.



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