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Canadians Are Among The Most Educated in The World


When discussing the world’s top performers in the education systems, it is common for Asian powerhouses such as Singapore, South Korea, or the Nordic countries to be at the top of the list. Recently, Canada has reached the into the top levels of the international rankings. Canada was one of a few countries to show up in the top ten for math, science, and reading in the recent international Pisa tests. The tests are a primary study of educational performance and show teenagers in Canada are among the best educated in the world. It is wonderful living in a country with such education conscious residents. Contact BecomeACanadian for information on studying in Canada.


Canada has the highest proportion in all the world of working-age adults, 55% who have received degrees, compared with 35% in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. The success in Canada’s school test results is also unusual when compared to other international trends. Unlike other countries, Canada does not have a national education system. Each province has their own individual system. To be able to study in Canada, contact BecomeACanadian for help with the immigration process.

The role of the Canadian federal government is known as “limited and sometimes non-existent.” The OECD is studying this type of system to understand it’s success. Canada also has a high level of immigrants in the school population. More than one-third of youth in Canada come from families where both parents are foreign-born. These children integrate quickly enough to perform at the same high level as their Canadian classmates. The strong sense of equal access and fairness and it is seen in the high academic performance of Canadian students. BecomeACanadian can help you in the immigration process so your child can begin learning in Canada as soon as possible.



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