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Faster Way for Family Members to Immigrate to Canada

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Canada is well-known for how it welcomes immigrants across the globe with open arms. According to Become A Canadian, the country keeps looking for ways to expedite immigration processes and make it seamless for applicants. 

In a recent interview, the immigration minister, Sean Fraser, informed the populace that the government is using a new system to bring spouses, children, and parents of recent immigrants to Canada more quickly.

This new development has created great excitement among recent immigrants who want their families to join them in Canada.

In the past, family members who wanted to move to Canada to join their sponsor could apply even while they waited for their permanent residency to be approved. However, they are often faced with rejection or visa denial because of certain reservations about them not returning once the visa expires.

Become A Canadian could confirm that with this new system proposed by the government, people with a permanent residency application will be identified through advanced analytics.

Once the system identifies such an application, their visa to Canada will be approved more quickly. 

Impact of this advanced analytics on the immigration process

“The turnaround time for the immigration process can now be as short as 30 days when we start using this new system,” says Sean Fraser, the immigration minister. Become A Canadian also reports that the approval rate for applications under this new system could go as high as 98 percent.



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