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Hungarian Immigrant is Oldest Man in Canada

In August 2016, Zoltan Sarosy turned 110 years of age and is now a part of the world’s club of supercentenarians. Sarosy, of Toronto, defines his long life by his love of chess. Sarosy was born in 1906 in Budapest. He learned to play chess while attending a university in Vienna, Austria.

When in Hungary, he won several championships in the 1930’s and became chess master in 1943. After moving to Canada in the 1950’s, he played by mail and was a national champion of correspondence chess in 1967. Canada is a gorgeous place to live and work. Contact Become A Canadian for information on how to make this happen.

The arrival of the Internet changed how Sarosy played chess. At the age of 95, he started playing online. He bought a computer, took a few lessons, bought some books, and started to play. His grandson, Peter Mello, think his grandfather’s longevity is quite simple.

“For him, waking up every morning and just wanting to get on with his day is what brought him to be 110.” To live in a great place that you love, contact Become A Canadian to receive information on moving to Canada.



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