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Good Work-Life Balance in Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto


A recent report says that three Canadian cities now rank among the best cities with outstanding work-life balance. These Canadian cities are Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto.

Kisi, an office security firm, prepared the Work-Life Balance Index for the year 2022. On the list were 51 U.S. cities and 49 cities from other parts of the world.

Become a Canadian explained that the ranking wasn’t based on the best cities to work in. Instead, the goal of the study was to identify cities that offer the healthiest work-life balance for their residents.

Some essential factors like society and city livability, percentage of remote jobs and work intensity were measured in the study. Other parameters used for ranking best work-life balance cities are:

  •   Housing affordability;
  •   The average number of vacation days;
  •   The city’s cultural and leisure offerings; and
  •   Access to mental health care.

Best Cities for Work-Life Balance

According to Become a Canadian, Oslo, the Norwegian capital, is the first city on the list of the best cities that provide work-life balance. After Oslo are Bern, Helsinki, Zurich and Copenhagen. A third of the top 30 cities in the list are made up of cities in Germany. It is worth noting that Canadian cities, Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto were among the first 20 cities on the list.

Best Canadian Cities for Immigrants Desiring Work-Life Balance

As an immigrant, Canadian cities like Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto are cities that will support your overall work-life balance. 



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