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Top Jobs Open in Canada

Jobs in Canada

Since immigration was thrown open by the Canadian government last year, the country’s job vacancies have recorded a historic high. As a result, Canadian business owners have indicated their need to fill technical roles for 850,300 open positions.

The Canadian government is also making efforts to open immigration for fields where skilled labour demand is increasing. With this plan, the country is hopeful of combating its rising labour shortage, stated Become A Canadian.

According to the LinkedIn list, some of the top positions that are rising in demand include Customer Success Associate, Growth Marketing Manager and Valuation Analyst.

Some Other In-Demand Positions in Canada

Some other roles in the LinkedIn list of the twenty jobs in Canada with significant growth in demand are Sales Development Representative and Security and Data Engineer, among others.

The Canadian government plans to use work-based immigration programs to bring skilled workers to fill the in-demand positions. 

Become A Canadian reported that one of the effective work-based immigration programs is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). This immigration pathway is used by provinces to invite immigrants to settle in Canada as permanent residents. 

Factors such as education, experience with in-demand occupations and connection to the province are used in these Canadian immigration programs. 

This year, the Provincial Nominee Program is set to overtake Express Entry-managed programs, Canada’s largest PR pathway. At the same time, important changes will be adopted to the Express Entry program.

Importance of the Immigration System in Canada to Employers

Canada’s immigration system is valuable to businesses in the country. About two-thirds of businesses in the country claim to use it to find talent outside Canada. This report is according to a survey by the Business Council of Canada (BCC).



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