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Demand for 20 Roles Is Rising in Canada

Demand for 20 Roles

About two-thirds of businesses use Canada’s immigration system to find skilled workers in other regions. This claim is according to a Business Council of Canada (BCC) survey. The same poll stated that the remaining third are hiring newcomers already living in Canada.

Based on this report, Become A Canadian stated that immigrants play a crucial role in keeping many businesses in the country running. Consequently, skilled immigrants from different parts of the world have good opportunities to find jobs in Canada.

According to LinkedIn, some of the top 20 jobs with increasing demand in Canada include Growth Marketing Manager, Product Operation Manager, Dispensary Technician, and Cyber Security Specialist.

Acute Labour Shortage in Canada

Recently, there has been a historic high in Canadian job vacancies. This record is said to be ever since immigration was thrown open by the Canadian government last year. From reports, Canadian employers have expressed the need to hire technical roles for around 850,300 open positions.

Based on Canadian employers’ critical need to fill positions, the government has repeatedly announced plans to open immigration to take in a greater number of skilled workers. 

Become A Canadian stated that the government plans to use this means to combat the acute labour shortage in the country. Ultimately, the admission of skilled immigrants will lead to further economic growth in the country.

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Canada's Express Entry

As the labour shortage in Canada deepens, the government is trying every means to overcome this issue. One of the means is Canada’s Express Entry immigration system. This program offers permanent residency to attract international skilled workers.



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