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British Columbia Wants to Hire a Broader Range of Public Servants

Hire a Public Servants

The head of the public service in British Columbia hopes to attract a greater variety of workers. Due to this plan, British Columbia ministries will soon adjust their mode of operation. In other words, they would soon need to support flexible work and work-from-home arrangements for public servants.

Shannon Salter, the cabinet secretary, sent out a policy update on January 31st of this year.

Become A Canadian reported that the policy update stated that all public service jobs would be open to diverse British Columbia communities. Salter stated that this policy is to take effect from April 1st.

Impacts of Greater Flexibility for Public Servants in British Columbia

According to Salter, the new move will help position British Columbia Public Service as an employer of choice for people. The new policy will attract people in Victoria, Vancouver and other communities across the province.

These open positions to communities across the province will greatly benefit British Columbia Public Service. It will enable the region to attract more diverse candidates. In other words, this design will attract more indigenous candidates, said Become A Canadian.

The Reason behind the Policy Update of British Columbia Public Service

The cabinet secretary, Shannon Salter, explained that the stimulating factor for the policy was both internal and external. On one end, public servants were demanding the move. On another end, the province needs to attract more workers in the midst of the labour shortage.



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