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The Most Significant Jobs in Canada for College Students

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A recent compilation was made of the top jobs in Canada available to international students. The list was compiled by taking certain factors into consideration, including: fair pay, easy-going work responsibilities, flexible work hours and immersion in a field. 

One of the jobs on the list is Ride-Share Driver with an average pay of $19 CAD/hour. Become A Canadian reported that this work is perfect for students. This is because it offers students total freedom to set their work hours.

Generally, ride-sharing applications like Lyft and Uber are famous in student hotspots like Montreal and Toronto. Thus, this job is profitable for college students. All you need to be eligible are a dependable car, a smartphone and a valid driver’s license. Also, you must be at least 21 years of age.

Vital Information for International Students Working in Canada

Another profitable job college students in Canada can take on is server or mixologist work. This role boasts an average pay of $16 CAD/hour plus mouth-watering tips. Serving affords students great flexibility in the choice of working hours.

According to Become A Canadian, there are factors that international students must consider when in search of a job. These factors include pay, immigration considerations and working conditions.

Some platforms offer resources that aid the job search of college students who work during their studies. These helpful platforms include LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.

Good News for International Students in Canada

International students with a valid study permit in Canada now have the privilege to work unlimited hours during school semesters. This new development started on November 15, 2022, and runs until the end of 2023.



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