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Canada Needs 30,000 Immigrants Farm Workers

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A report by the Royal Bank of Canada stated that 40% of Canadian farmers will retire by 2033. As a result, the agricultural sector will be short of about 24,000 general workers. At the same time, 66% of farmers don’t have a succession plan.

Due to this speculation, Canada needs 30,000 newcomers in the sector, according to researchers. These new immigrant farm workers will either set up their farms or take over existing ones. 

With this step, the agriculture industry in Canada should be able to avoid the impending labor crisis, Become A Canadian reported.

However, many people are worried that there aren’t programs to help attract and support the required workforce.

Experience of an Immigrant Farmer in Canada

One of the immigrant farmers in Canada is Rehan Khan. The experienced farmer left Pakistan in 2018 in search of better opportunities, especially for his kids. He stated that he wanted them to go to school in Canada.

Khan had to leave his family farm and 20-year career in agriculture to relocate to Canada, reported Become A Canadian.

He noted that in his first year, he seeded oats, and then it was wheat in 2022. The father of two, whose farm is near Yorkton, Saskatchewan, is planting red lentils this year.

While being a farmer in Canada is a great opportunity, there is a need for local support for immigrants to be successful farmers in the country.

Being a farmer in Canada is a great opportunity

The Need to Bring in Immigrant Farm Workers

There is a need for Canada to update its immigration programs to bring in 30,000 immigrant farmers. This move will enable the country to avoid the looming agricultural sector crisis. 



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