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Canada has been known for the past fifty years as a country that values multiculturalism and welcomes immigrants. Canada’s population is 22 percent foreign-born, which is one of the highest rates for all industrialized Western countries. Immigration has helped Canada counter the aging demographics and boost economic growth. 

As the United States has decreased several immigration programs, Canada has become even more attractive for immigrants. Immigration has unquestionably shaped Canada’s culture and society. After the country broke free from the United Kingdom in 1867, Canada lured immigrants to settle in frontier and rural regions. 

Immigration to Canada is not easy, but it is possible! Contact Become A Canadian for the highest level of guidance through the entire process. Your dream can become a reality.

Immigration has played a crucial role in Canada’s economy by providing a young flow of workers. As native-born workers age and the low fertility rate challenges the workforce, immigrants are all the more critical to Canada’s future. The country is in need of more skilled workers to combat the shortage. 

Canadians hold a favorable view of immigration. A 2019 poll shows the public views immigrants and the country’s immigration system much more positively than the United States public. The Canadian government makes a practice of promoting and embracing a policy of multiculturalism. 

Close to 340,000 new permanent residents were welcomed in 2019, which is the highest number in over a century. The U.S., with nine times the population, only allowed 577,000 permanent residents that same year. If you and your family are considering immigration to Canada, contact Become A Canadian. They will answer any questions you have about the process.



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