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Arabic Language Center to Open in New Brunswick

The close to 50 families who make up Fredericton’s Arab community are soon to have an Arabic Language Center in their town. They are concerned about the preservation of their language and culture after immigrating to Canada. Children of refugees have missed years of school, and when catching up on their studies in English, their Arabic language is fading fast. A group of community leaders in Fredericton recently registered a not-for-profit organization. They are currently trying to plan fundraising and a venue. Become A Canadian will walk you through the steps of immigration. They will answer any questions you have along the way.

Reema Aldeeb relocated to Fredericton as a refugee almost a year ago. She taught Arabic for years in Egypt and Syria and began teaching in Canada as soon as she arrived. “It is my dream to teach people Arabic. It is very important for me,” she said in Arabic. Currently, she volunteers three days a week to teach different levels of Arabic and teach the Qur’an to children. Although immigration to Canada is not always an easy process, it is possible. Become A Canadian will help you achieve your dream of living in Canada.



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