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List of Top Canadian Employers

For two years in a row, Google has ranked at the top of the top ten list of Forbes’ annual Best Employers in Canada. They have now reached the number one position, thanks to the reports from Google’s employees way up north. The Best Employers report showcases 300 Canadian companies that have won the affirmation of their employees. Statista, an online research firm, conducted a survey of 8,000 Canadian workers employed by large institutions and firms which have 500 or more employees, across 25 industry divisions. They were asked whether they would recommend their company using a scale of zero to ten, with ten being the most likely. Those surveyed used online access panels and represented an average of all Canadian employees, based on gender, region, age, education level, and ethnicity. If your goal is to work and live in Canada, contact BecomeACanadian for information on the visa process. Their team of experts can assist you through every step.


Employees of Google rated the company with a 9.39, to bring them to the number one spot from fourth place last year. The headquarters of Google in Canada is located in Toronto and employs 699 people. Coming in right behind Google is Kruger Products. Kruger is a producer of paper goods, like toilet paper and paper towels. They are located in Mississauga, Ontario, and received a rating of 9.30. Last year, this company ranked 31. Third place went to Hydro-Quebec with a score of 9.23. This public utility company, which generates and distributes electricity, employs over 19,500 people. With so many top-notch companies to work for, consider Canada when looking for new employment. The BecomeACanadian team of experts can help you when you are applying for a visa to live and work in Canada.



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