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Canadian Immigration Important for Sustained Economic Growth

There are three specific areas that have helped economic growth in the past and will continue to help lift Canada’s economic future growth prospects: trade liberalization, education, and immigration. The Bank of Canada is focusing on a situation in which the potential annual economic growth will average 1.8 percent between 2009 and 2021, much weaker than 1982 to 2008. If you would be interested in seeking work in Canada, the BecomeACanadian firm makes it easy to explore your options for a visa to Canada. They have a five-stage procedure to make the process as easy as possible for you and your family.


Lawrence Schembri, the deputy governor, said, “A significant development in recent decades is that growth in potential output has been on a generally downward trend in most major advanced economies, including Canada, largely owing to the aging of our populations.” He acknowledged the need for increased Canadian immigration as a possible remedy that will be a boost to the labor supply. He noted Canada has to do a better job of matching new arrivals skills with the needs of the workforce so they will get the most out of higher immigration levels. He said both immigration and education policy are critical at this point for potential output growth, which also affects the conduct of monetary policy.

Canadian immigration has many advantages including the excellent employment opportunities, the high standard of living, family sponsorship, and Canadian citizenship. The BecomeACanadian team can assist you with the highest level of guidance through the immigration process.



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