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What Costs Can I Expect When Working with Become a Canadian?

When you work with Become a Canadian, there will be costs involved for our professional services. Of course, there are the services provided by our immigration consultants who are registered with ICCRC.

In addition, there are additional government fees and other costs. At Become a Canadian, we strive to make this process as affordable as possible by allowing you to pay for the services as you go through each stage of the process for Canadian immigration.

There may also be fees due for your language evaluation, Educational Credential Assessment (ECA), medical exams, certificates from the police, the application fee for your Canadian Visa, and the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF).

These fees are paid to various people, including the Government of Canada. Finally, if you are approved for immigration to Canada, you will need to pay for your travel expenses when you move to Canada as well as your housing, food, transportation, and living expenses.


Of course, this is a very general overview, as many of these costs will vary as they are dependent on your particular circumstances, the immigration program to which you are applying, and other important facts.

At Become a Canadian, our clients always get specific information about their case, so they will know what is needed throughout the entire process.



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