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New Permanent Residents in Canada at an All-Time High in 2022

Canada All-Time High in 2022

In 2022, Canada gained over 437,000 new permanent residents. This figure reported by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is said to represent over 1.1% of the total population in the country.

The federal agency added that the record is the largest number of people admitted to the country in a year in its entire history. 

Become A Canadian reported that the last time such a high number of immigrants were welcomed in Canada was in 1913. In that year, about 400,870 permanent residents were admitted.

The U.S., which has a population nearly nine times higher than Canada, received about 1 million new permanent residents last year. 

All of these reports show that Canada is a choice country for immigrants.

Canada – An Accommodating Country for Immigrants

The record number of new permanent residents in Canada last year reflects what the country stands for. The record further emphasizes that the country is one of the most welcoming countries for immigrants. In other words, families and individuals searching for a new life in a foreign land are welcome in the country.

Become A Canadian concluded that Canadians strongly support high levels of immigration. Thus, the country is second to the United States as a desirable country for prospective immigrants across the globe.

Canada’s desirability for would-be immigrants is worth noting, although not surprising, since Canadians are generally known for their friendliness to newcomers and Canada is rated highly for its quality of life.

Impacts of Immigrants on Canada

There are some major drivers for Canada’s eagerness to welcome1 newcomers. One of these factors is the acute labour shortage experienced in the country. With the admission of a record number of new permanent residents in the country, thousands of Canadian job openings can be filled.



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