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Study Reveals Best Places for Families to Live in Canada

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A new study reveals the best places for families to live in Canada. With this study, you can answer your questions on the best options for you as an individual planning to raise a family in Canada.

Yore Oyster, a personal finance and investment website, conducted a helpful study. The research focused on 27 cities across Canada. According to Become A Canadian, the cities were evaluated on some factors, including the cost of living, transportation and crime rate. Other parameters for the evaluation are childcare costs, quality of life, median age, maternity and parental leave.

The best places for families to live in Canada include cities like Ontario, Calgary and Montreal.

Details about Some of the Best Canadian Cities to Raise a Family

Major cities ranking high on the best Canadian cities for families list are cities in Quebec province. The number one city on the list was Trois-Rivières, Quebec. This city ranked high for its low cost and, at the same time, high standard of living. 

Quebec City and Sherbrooke took second and third place on the list. The study reported that Quebec City boasts one of the lowest crime rates in North America. It also offers excellent culture, nature and modernity, Become A Canadian reported.

Sherbrook ranked high on the list because of its unique blend of urban vitality and nature’s calmness.

Great Places to Raise a Family in Canada

Canada boasts of many cities that are a good fit for an individual to live and raise a family. These cities have excellent features like low crime rates, low cost of living, good quality of life, etc. These attributes and more make Canada one of the most desirable countries in the world.



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