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Successful Immigrant in Canada Builds Schools in Somalia

Farah Dahir was asked to be a teacher’s assistant when in Grade 10 in his Ottawa school. He accepted and found something he loved to do – teach. He graduated and found a career in oil, but the love of education never left. He worked successfully for ten years with Shell Canada as a scientist, but quit his job and started two tutoring centers. One is located in the north of Edmonton, and one is in the south part of the city.

“What attracted me to teaching was the fact that I can make a difference in someone’s life by simply sharing information,” Dahir said. He started mostly tutoring Somali children in Canada, but other immigrant communities began sending their children as well, and before long he had close to 140 immigrant children from all over the city of Edmonton.

He loved working for Shell, but decided tutoring is much more rewarding. The opportunities are endless when you immigrate to Canada. BecomeACanadian can help you achieve your dream of relocating to Canada.

Dahir said students in Canada have the privilege of quality education, but he saw several kids lack the motivation to take advantage of the opportunity. In Somalia, he said things are the opposite way around. He decided to do something about that. At 37 years old, Dahir built a school in Bosaaso, Somalia, to provide top education to the local community. He personally funded the school as well as using funds from tuition fees from his two tutoring centers.

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