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Canadian Immigration Is Changing

The Pew Research Center recently published a tool showing the breakdown of immigrant populations all over the world by using information from the United Nations Population Center.

The tool shows that, while America has the largest number of immigrants throughout the world, Canada has seen a major shift in its immigrant population in the last 25 years. Become a Canadian has seen the effects of this on the general population of the country.

Canada’s largest number of immigrants have come from India, the Philippines, and China. Over that 25 year time period, the number of Chinese immigrants has risen from 170,000 to 710,000. Oddly enough, Pakistan was not in the top 30 immigration countries, even though it is the birthplace of Canada’s 10th largest population of immigrants.


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Conversely, there have not been as many people immigrating to Canada from Europe. Around the year 2000, people born in Europe made up the single largest group of immigrants. However, this was in the earlier influx of immigrants, and there have not been younger immigrants to replace them.

Some countries, such as the Netherlands, Poland, and Portugal, that used to be among the top ten countries are not immigrating to Canada as before.

Become a Canadian has helped many people who want to move to Canada to live and work. It’s important to note that while the U.S. might be home to the world’s biggest immigration populace (marginally more than one-fourth is from Mexico), migrants make up a smaller share of the aggregate populace—around 14%—than in other countries.

Of G20 countries, Canada positions third in that measure, with immigrants representing 22% of the populace. (It was 15.6% in 1990.) Saudi Arabia is at the top with 32%, while Australia is second at 28%.


Here is one last note on the monetary front. Doubtlessly, the convergence of new individuals to Canada has balanced the effect on development from maturing Baby Boomers leaving the workforce.

In any case, even with Prime Minister Trudeau’s promise in March of 2016 to expand the quantity of foreigners that Canada takes in every year, it essentially won’t be adequate to plug the demographic hole in Canada’s workforce. Contact Become a Canadian if you would like to begin the application process to move to Canada as a permanent resident.



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